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Human Resource Management

"We work with you to identify desired outcomes and to develop an effective implementation strategy..."

*Review * Recommend * Facilitate * Mediate

The sustainability of any organisation is closely linked with the calibre of people who drive the business. We believe that learning organisations that develop the potential of their staff through innovative training techniques hold the strongest positions in the market place. Their people are trained to handle crises competently, are quick to see opportunity, efficient in handling change, and take the initiative in learning new skills.

We have the knowledge, initiative and methodology to provide you with assistance in all areas of HR Management including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Systems Thinking Training
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Staff Learning
  • Management Development
  • Development of Policy and Procedures

Our experience is diverse and includes:

  • A complete HR Management review with recommendations and policy development for a large private hospital.
  • The development of a performance management system for a statewide service industry.
  • Tailoring of a generic recruitment system, including policy development, documentation, training and implementation strategy for a financial institution.
  • The development of an executive remuneration system for an interstate enterprise moving from the public to private sector.
  • Documenting of Position Descriptions for a maritime transport organisation.
  • The mediation of conflict resolution sessions between staff.
  • The provision of mentor and coaching facilities for senior management.

* Policies * Systems * Processes * Training * Strategies

No two organisations are alike, so the most effective Performance Management System is one tailored to meet the firm's cultural needs, while utilising positive core elements. This requires moving beyond Performance Appraisals to incorporate a procedure that clearly assists staff in supporting the organisation's primary goals.

Prior to the development of a Performance Management System, we undertake extensive research to assess the best design, implementation and training requirements. We link the Performance Management System with the strategic counterparts that define the organisation. This means that:

To identify outputs we focus on:

  • Key result areas
  • Performance objectives

To achieve the goals we examine:

  • Behavioural attitudes
  • Work patterns and practices

An effective balance of these findings provides the means for developing the Performance Management System and thereby enabling sustainable development within the organisation.

Every organisation has motivated individuals that enjoy the learning process, strive to develop their workplace skills, and enjoy the challenges of their work. These are the creative thinkers who become solutions in themselves - your company's finest assets and strong team leaders. Livingstones utilises the various management system products of the Team Management Index to motivate these key personnel, and to instil in every member of the training group an appreciation for the benefits of highly effective teamwork.

We work on their personal understanding and growth, develop their appreciation of systems thinking and prepare profiles that provide insight into the individual and group work preferences. The gaps within the team are then identified and a method for addressing and managing these gaps emerges.

Through innovative processes, we make this learning process a lasting and nurturing experience.


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