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Industrial Relations

"We have the in-depth understanding that is critical to solving the challenges you face..."


> Strategy
> Mediation
> Advocacy
> Dispute Settlement
> Award Supply Service

Our Workplace Relations Advisers and Advocates are professionals with the specialist experience to provide considered, appropriate and timely advice based on practical industry involvement. Indicative issues include:

  • Industrial Audits in a broad range of industries in both the private and public sectors
  • Daily Award interpretation and advice on all State and Federal Awards
  • Workplace Relations Strategic Planning covering planning, work practices,
    enterprise agreements, awards restructuring, analysis of appropriate industrial
  • Appeal cases before Federal Australian Industrial Relations Commission Full
    Bench, Queensland Industrial Relations Commission Full Bench, and Queensland Industrial Court.
  • Work Value Exercises (Negotiation and Arbitration)
  • Drafting, negotiation and certification of Union and Non-Union Agreements, both State and Federal
  • State and Federal National Wage/Safety Net Adjustments Hearings
  • Grievance Management ( including investigation)
  • Unfair Dismissal, Conciliation and Arbitration in all States and Federally
  • Discrimination/Sexual Harassment and Workplace Harassment cases
  • Enterprise Bargaining (Negotiation and Implementation)

We are committed to ongoing service enhancement through the utilisation of technology. Enjoy 24 hour convenience through our range of online services.

Award Subscription Services
Now you can access your Awards and Wagesheet information directly via you computer and allocated password. A feature of this updated service is automatic notification of any Award amendments via e-mail, as they happen. No delays.

Free Award-related telephone advice is still included in the service, and now has the added provision of Award Wage Sheets as a standard feature along with Workplace Updates, Public Holiday information, Termination of Employment, Introduction of Changes - Redundancy (TCR) information, information on Passive Smoking etc.

If you need further information or assistance
call Sue Hayes directly on (07) 3833 1207

"We can guarantee you continuity of representation..."

* Prevention * Representation * Consultation

For employers, continuity of representation is vital in Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination cases. Just as vital is the specialist knowledge that can help prevent these cases from developing in the first place.

Livingstones provide direction on the procedures necessary for effecting dismissals lawfully, and for avoiding Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Claims.

Should Unfair Dismissal Claims be lodged, we also have the means to represent your organisation in Conciliation Conferences and Arbitration, in both the Federal and State jurisdictions. Similarly, we can represent you in the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission and Tribunal, and in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).

A partnering relationship with Livingstones means you have the tools to prevent problems before they happen, and to resolve those that prove unavoidable.

"We have the right skill sets for your needs..."

* Negotiation * Implementation * Innovation

Ideally, enterprise agreements should deliver fair wages for employees without threatening management's corporate and business objectives.

Livingstones have been heavily involved with all facets of Enterprise Bargaining from its original inception, through voluntary employment agreements, to its current manifestation under the Industrial Relations Act 1999.

Some examples of our negotiating skills include:

  • Successfully implementing the first 'multi-hiring provision' in a certified
    agreement (now the 'norm' in the tourism and hospitality industry)
  • Negotiating standardised terms and conditions of employment at multi- award workplaces
  • Negotiating single awards for employers with national operations
  • Certification of a number of non-union enterprise agreements
  • Implementing competency based wages structures to replace classification based wages structures across a range of industries

Unique to Livingstones, this partnership process uses a holistic approach to shape Enterprise Agreements that tap into the needs and commitment of the workforce, while strengthening the overall effectiveness of the organisation. The Enterprise Development Team involves the use of various skills including Team Development, Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving etc to create the best possible outcome for management and employees alike.



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