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Organisational Development

"We offer you tailored people management solutions..."

Change is an inevitable feature that impacts on both your current operations and your organisational future. Success favours the organisation that embraces the challenge and remains flexible when the instinct to resist change emerges.

We have the tools, the commitment and the expertise to sort through the maze of issues involved with Change Management. The stages that involve reflection, planning, implementing and evaluating change processes at both the individual project and organisational levels can be streamlined for maximum efficacy.

By assisting your organisation with developing and training individuals and groups within your firm, by facilitating their focus on your future goals and at the same time determining their own objectives, we can support and position your organisation for sustainable development.

The result is people working in a partnering relationship to achieve your continuing success.

"One of our strengths is in providing insightful research and analysis..."

Livingstones Organisational Reviews provide a 'snapshot' of the organisation analysing the environment in which it presently operates, and how it operated in the past. By employing qualitative research techniques including focus groups and individual interviews, we gather the knowledge to outline a holistic overview of the organisation and its culture.

We organise our findings using the McKinsey 7S:

  • Shared Values
  • Strategies
  • Systems
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Skills
  • Staff

Using an 'Action Research' model, we assist organisations in focusing on systematic approaches for developing new responses to any identifiable challenge. Once the new strategies are implemented, we recommend a follow-up evaluation of chosen implementation programs to ensure that learning gaps, in terms of assessing changes, are handled quickly and effectively.


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