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Psychometric Testing

> How it works for your company
> The sorts of tests involved
> Who does the testing?

"We focus on individual assessments, acknowledge current competence and build on recognised standards."

Current best practice in recruitment suggests that testing for skills, abilities, personality and competency provide the highest predictors for recruiting the best possible job candidates.

Selecting staff of the highest calibre requires a process that combines formal qualifications, previous experience, on-the-job achievements reported by referees, performance in psychometric testing and matching personality profiles with accepted models.

You can utilise Livingstone's Psychological Assessment and Profiling system as a powerful tool for building your ideal workforce as applied to:

  • Recruitment
  • Team Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Cultural Surveys
  • Career Planning


Each candidate's performance in psychometric tests is used to rank them against all other applicants by providing an equal and unbiased testing ground. Comparisons are fair because conclusions are based on the performance results for the same activity. Those results also help the interviewer identify both the strengths and weaknesses that the candidate is likely to experience on the job.


The tests prescribed will depend on the job. Typically, management roles might require a package of tests reporting on verbal, linguistic and abstract reasoning skills. Specialist roles might report on specific competencies such as mechanical reasoning for an engineer, spatial visual skills for a forklift driver, or a certain level of computer skills for someone producing high quality communications material.

Personality profiles or competency indicator reports provide indications for expected behaviour in on-the-job situations. For example, certain personality types do better than others in sales and customer relations roles.


Livingstones only uses testing authorities whose tests satisfy the most rigorous standards of reliability and validity, and whose testing systems meet the standards set under the Privacy Legislation. Where feasible, we offer online testing so candidates can perform the tests in the familiar environment of their office or home, without the need to visit our premises.

Only the employer who has commissioned the psychometric tests will have access to these confidential reports.


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