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Human Resources & Organisational Development Well- Being Survey

The Checklist

Human resource practices are vital elements of an organisation's well-being. The following checklist is a tool that may be used to identify specific practices within your organisation that may be detrimental to your organisation.

Please read each item carefully and respond in a manner that best describes your organisation.

Human Resources


a) Has your organisation recently conducted a human resource or industrial relations audit to ensure it complies with all appropriate requirements?
b) Are all of your organisation's policies regularly reviewed to check for legislative compliance and best practice?
c) When new employees are inducted, are they provided with a copy of the Company Policies and adequate training in the policies?


Recruitment and Selection:

a) Do you possess a set of Recruitment and Selection procedures?
b) Is the new privacy policy legislation considered and addressed by your recruitment and selection systems?
c) Do you have up to date position descriptions for all positions?
d) Are employment interview questions based on the selection criteria for a position?
e) Are employment interview questions free from direct and indirect discrimination?
f) Are there notes taken during employment interviews?
g) Are selection procedures used to obtain the best person-job fit?
h) Are reference checks and psychological tests carried out?
i) Are response letters sent to all new employees?
j) Do you have an induction program for all job candidates?
k) Are all new employees given documentation of terms and conditions of their employment?

Training and Development:

a) Is training needs analysis the basis of every staff member's training and development plan?
b) Is training tailored to the individual's needs and the organisation's needs?

Performance Management:

a) Do you have a Performance Management System that is transparent and equitable?
b) Does each individual and business unit have key performance indicators?
c) Are staff trained in using the Performance Management System?
d) Are managers trained in giving feedback and coaching their staff?
e) Does management assist staff to set career goals?

Conditions of Employment:


a) Are employees’ rates of pay determined by the correct instrument (i.e., award/agreement)?
b) Are accurate timesheets recorded for each staff member?
c) Does the remuneration structure attract staff and motivate equity?

Pay Slips:

a) Do your pay slips meet the legislative requirements?

Personnel Records:

a) Are you aware of the new privacy legislation from December 2001 and its impact?
b) Are you confident that all of your records contain information and documentation as required by legislation?



a) Are there appropriate policies that cover the following areas:  
  i) Annual Leave
  ii) Sick/Carer's Leave
  iii) Long Service Leave
  iv) Family Leave
  v) Bereavement Leave
b) Is all leave accurately documented and recorded?
c) Are all of the Leave Policies regularly updated and reviewed?


Staff Behaviour:

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO):

a) Do all HR and IR practices ensure equality for women and minority groups in all the areas of staff management?
b) If your company has more than 100 employees, do you provide an annual report to the Affirmative Action Agency to detail the actions taken to increase female participation in the workplace?

Discrimination/Sexual Harassment/Workplace Bullying:

a) Does your organisation have policies for Discrimination and Workplace Harassment?
b) Does the organisation clearly communicate that discrimination and harassment are unacceptable behaviours?
c) Are there any jokes or pictures in the workplace that may offend another person?
d) Has your organisation elected a Contact Officer who may be approached by employees with complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment or workplace bullying?
e) Have employees been trained in what action may be taken if they experience or witness discrimination, sexual harassment or workplace bullying?

Employer Relations:

Industrial Relations:

a) Has there been any industrial action in the last year?
b) Are the managers aware of the union’s "right of entry"?
c) Is the concept "freedom of association" understood?


a) Is there a process to resolve grievances and disputes at the workplace level?
b) Are all supervisors and managers trained to handle grievance effectively?

Counselling and Discipline:

a) Is poor performance, bad behaviour or bad attitude ever ignored?
b) Are supervisors and managers trained to counsel and discipline staff?
c) Do managers and supervisors understand the Dismissal Legislation?
d) Has there been any unfair dismissal claims against your organisations?



a) Has any industrial action arisen from redundancies?
b) Do managers and supervisors have an understanding of the redundancy legislation?
c) Are Legislative provisions followed for Termination, Change and Redundancy (TCR)?

Workplace Health and Safety:

Health and Safety:

a) Is there a Workplace Health and Safety Policy?
b) Is there any Workplace Health and Safety training provided to employees at induction?
c) Is an appropriate form used to record all accidents and incidents within your organisation?
d) Has there been a recent Workplace Health and Safety audit?


a) Does the organisation have a safety plan?
b) Is information provided to Work Cover checked for accuracy?
c) Does the organisation take all reasonable steps to provide staff with rehabilitation?
d) Is there a system in place for the management of claims?

Organisational Development:


a) Does the organisation keep staff informed about the business and its direction?
b) Is there an opportunity for staff to provide ideas and participate in decision-making?
c) Does management communicate openly with staff?

Change Management:

a) Is there a process plan within your organisation for implementing change?
b) Is staff involved in managing changes within the organisation?

Implementation of Organisational Strategies:

a) Do Human Resource's plans link with that of the organisation's strategic direction and planning?
b) Is there a system to manage knowledge within the organisation?


a) Is your organisation aware of the type of culture it wants to create?
b) Is there good cooperation between sections within the organisation?
c) Is the environment within your organisation open and trusting?



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